Welcome to my site! This site is dedicated to victims and survivors of Corporate Bullying, terrorism, mobbing, organized gangstalking, and targeted individuals as well as the gross injustice and wreckage of Human Rights. I'll route my painful journey from beginning to current as it has not yet ended. I will take you through true evidence documents and a trail of vitriolic hate, fraud, cover-ups, fabrications, perhaps perihperal murders and blackball of working class  citizens initially orchestrated by one "in my opinion" misogynist psycho wicko beast Jeff Feinberg of 14 Fiorenza somewhere in the USA who threatens to haunt people forever and does.
About Me
I was born December 11, 1961 in Denver, CO I’ve spent my entire life in various international and domestic settings. I served honorably as a U.S. Army Officer. I transitioned from the military to Corporate environments whereby in my 14th year in a Corporate work environment I encountered a workplace BULLY with a vicious and vindictive personal vendetta that would forever create my livelihood paradigm shift and would rock the foundation of a typically high energy, happy, positive person to one of depression, hopelessness and despair.
Currently I am struggling for inner peace, justice, and for the TRUTH to be heard in a climate of universal deceit.
 Are you ready for a bizarre journey, sadly perhaps you or a loved one may relate.
 CONTACT ME:  bulliesonblast@aol.com, Twitter: Bulliesonblast or ddiamond61
Bullies mutilate happy times, and ruin lives/livelihoods just cause they can.  Hoover-Hitler, Feinberg-Kritzer.  Black Folks Dachau 21st Century Bully Terror!